1. Animal Control

    Find out how to report animal issues to the Police Department.

  2. Building Permits

    Learn what forms and requirements you will need to begin construction in the town.

  3. Modified Community Correctional Facility

    Explore information and services offered at the Shafter Community Correctional Facility.

  4. Emergency Preparedness

    Be prepared for any type of emergency and have an action plan ready for you and your family.

  5. Finance

    Access financial reports, utility billing FAQs, and more.

  6. Human Resources

    Browse employment opportunities and other information.

  7. Police Department

    Find out how the department and its divisions protect and serve Shafter.

  8. Transit

    Grab a ride with the transit systems servicing Shafter.

  9. Trash Collection

    Get information about trash collection guidelines, schedules, and more.

  10. Recycling Information