Reserve Police Officer Program

You can help keep our community safe! The Reserve Police Officer Program assists the Shafter Police Department in the performance of its duties where and when needed. This is a volunteer position that enables you to contribute your expertise and time to help keep your community safe, secure, and crime free.

About the Program

A reserve police officer is a citizen volunteer who serves the community through a devotion of valuable time and effort toward a common goal thus creating a safer community. Reserve police officers wear the same uniform and perform the same duties as a regular police officer, while under the direct supervision of a full-time police officer. The reserve police officer is a part-time volunteer basis.

Reserve police officers are a valuable resource to both the community and the Shafter Police Department. A reserve police officer may be called upon in the time of emergency or for routine patrol. Reserve police officers may also be used during special events such as parades and high school football games.


The reserve police officer may often perform tasks which may free up the full-time police officer to perform more important duties. A reserve police officer must attend an accredited Law Enforcement Academy and must obtain a P.O.S.T. (Police Officer Standard Training) certificate to be hired by the Shafter Police Department.


A reserve police officer may respond to calls for service regarding accidents, emergencies, crimes, threats, altercations, and/or requests for aid. A reserve may administer first aid to injured persons, interview witnesses and victims, and may also record statements from witnesses, suspects, and victims. They will identify relevant facts and prepare written reports on incidents and cases as assigned. A reserve officer may also assist in apprehending suspects by driving safely at high speeds, chasing suspects on foot, climbing over obstacles, physically subduing suspects, and utilizing self-defense techniques. A reserve may also assist full-time officers to enforce traffic laws, direct traffic, and issue citations and/or warnings.

A reserve officer assumes personal responsibility for ensuring the duties of the position are performed in a safe, efficient manner. Reserves perform other related duties as assigned by full-time officers or their superiors.

The reserve police officer program is very rewarding and allows individuals who have an interest in law enforcement to participate and help keep the community safe.

Becoming a Reserve Police Officer

Becoming a reserve police officer requires a persistent and determined individual. It will be a difficult path, but one with abounding benefits if you are successful. As you have read from one of our own officers above, there is a tremendous commitment with equal rewards.

The Shafter Police Department also utilizes this program to look and evaluate potential future full-time officers. This program offers both the individual and the department to see if they are a good fit for police work as a full-time vocation, or if they just enjoy the opportunity to know they do something extraordinary for their fellow citizens. Many of our current and past officers started their careers as a reserve police officer first, so you may want to consider this as a viable option if you're considering a law enforcement future. View our brochure and application on becoming a reserve officer