Local Appointment List (Maddy Act)

In compliance with the requirements of the Maddy Act, Government Code 54970, this Appointment List is posted on an annual basis on or before December 31 at Shafter City Hall, 336 Pacific Avenue, Shafter, California 93263, and at the Shafter Public Library, 236 James Street, Shafter, California 93263.

It shows all current members of commissions, boards, and committees which will expire during the next calendar year, and the dates of their terms of office. The names on this list are subject to change based on term expiration and resignations that occur during the year. For a current list of members, please contact the City Clerk’s Office.


Meets the second Wednesday of each month at 11:30 a.m., at the Kern Mosquito and Vector District Office, 4705 Allen Road, Bakersfield, CA 93314. Maddy Act Notice. 

Meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., in the Shafter City Hall Council Chambers. Maddy Act Notice.

Only electors residing within the city may be members of the planning commission. Neither an employee of the city nor elected or appointed officials may serve as a member of the planning commission. (Municipal Code 2.48.020). The filing of a Statement of Economic Interest disclosing certain personal financial holdings is required upon appointment and annually thereafter is required. (Government Code sections 81000-91014). Two hours of training in general ethics principles and ethics law upon appointment, and every two years thereafter is required. (Government Code 53235(b), 53235.1) 

Applying for Positions

The City of Shafter encourages electors residing within the city to apply for positions on city boards, commissions, and committees that will have vacancies during the year. This is a great opportunity for Shafter residents to get involved in the community. Contact the City Clerk's Office at 661-746-5000 or email Yazmina Pallares for more information.