Department Reports

The Shafter Police Department undergoes various inspections by entities such as the State of California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST), the Kern County Grand Jury, Department of Public Health, State Fire Marshal, and various jail facility inspections.

The Office of the Chief of Police provides reports and statistical information to our citizens and governmental agencies so they may be aware of the activities of the department and evaluate crime trends and our effectiveness in the community. This also provides an avenue of transparency and accountability between the community and their police department.

In order to provide transparency, the Shafter Police Department provides citizens with a Crime Graphic website that will provide police activity, crimes, missing persons, most wanted posters, stolen vehicle records, arrests, crime charts and more as the website is developed. Citizens may access the information by clicking here: CitizenRIMS Crime Graphic.

How to use the CitizenRIMS website:

Past activity lists 5 of the most asked about activities of the Shafter Police Department. You can search activity by three pre-programmed options, or you can select any specific date range in the calendar option. Note that the data only goes back to 2013.

When you conduct your search, you will see a numerical pin that corresponds to the call type. If you click on a pin it will give you the information from that call absent confidential information.

Crime: option will allow you to search by the three pre-programmed search options, or your choice by calendar. There are a number of specific crime types that you can choose from to develop your crime pin map. Again, clicking on a pin will show you the information that is legally allowed to be released to the public pertaining to the Government Code 6254.

Most Wanted: displays current crime posters of individuals wanted by the Shafter Police in connection with criminal cases. Please read the advisement sections pertaining to this information option.

Missing Persons: usually lists any missing persons within the last year, but may include other "Missings" if needed.

Stolen Vehicles: lists current vehicles that have been reported stolen and are not yet removed from the stolen vehicle system. Please read the advisement section pertaining to this information option.

Arrests: displays the arrests log for the last 14 days in the City of Shafter.

Crime Charts: Lists the main Uniform Crime Reporting requirements to the FBI and State Department of Justice numerically and by year. The department will also augment this information with additional chart information contained below on this page. New revised statistical reports will be uploaded within a couple of weeks after a new year.

Sign-up for Alerts: This allows anyone to sign up for a weekly or daily email which will provide notifications of activity by the Shafter Police Department. You may select the types of calls for service, crimes, wanted persons, or stolen vehicle information.

Listed here are various links to some of the available reports generated by the inspecting agencies and/or the department itself:

Animal Control Facility and Operations

Patrol Operations

If you have questions or would like to inquire about the information provided here, please contact our Records Unit, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. You may also send an email regarding your inquiry here: Records Inquiry