Building Department


The goal of the Building Department is to protect the public safety and welfare of its citizens by the adoption of minimum code standards to be required and enforced throughout the incorporated areas of the City of Shafter. Structures must meet applicable City, State, and Federal building code requirements.

The Building Departments is responsible for issuing building permits and performing building inspections.

Building Standards Information & Disability Access Requirements

2018-19 Legislative Changes

Effective January 1, 2019, the State of California enacted AB 3002, “Disability Access Requirements: Information”. Under federal and state law, the Act requires local jurisdictions to provide information regarding compliance with disability access provisions to applicants for commercial building permits and business licenses.

The AB 3002 Business License, Building Permit Notice is available in the following translations:

Building Standards Information Bulletin

2018-19 Legislative Changes

This information bulletin summarizes the 2018 legislative changes to state laws related to the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) and state building standards. The statutory changes summarized in this bulletin become effective on January 1, 2019, unless otherwise specified in the statute. Detailed information on each bill can be viewed by selecting the hyperlink embedded in the bill heading.

Building Standards Code Bulletin

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