Information Technology

Information Technology Department Mission Statement

The City’s Information Technology Department is focused on developing and maintaining highly effective, reliable, secure and innovative information systems to support all City departments as well as to support the overall vision of the City. The IT department continues to facilitate the collection, storage, security and integrity of electronic data while ensuring appropriate access to internal staff. The IT department continues to promote new uses of technology and innovative applications to efficiently streamline operations.

To meet the challenges associated with ensuring that we deliver on our mission statement, the IT department continues to be devoted to the following:

Commitment to Knowledge

The IT department has a training budget and strives to utilize it effectively to assist and empower staff with the knowledge required to perform at a high level. This allows internal staff to become ‘subject matter experts’ in several areas that becomes beneficial to all departments. Cross training has proved to be effective and essential to daily operations and will remain a focal point for the IT department.


The IT department continually works diligently to create and support an environment that is positive for staff. The IT staff meet weekly to discuss weekly items, projects, deadlines, and assistance that may be required from additional staff or external entities. The IT department aware that team work assists in better problem-solving, enhanced personal growth, boosted productivity, less burnout, and an opportunity to view differing perspectives. We remain committed to utilize teamwork within our IT department, as well as with additional departments across the City.

IT Governance

The IT Department continues to work on the framework of structure, process, and communication. This requires much focus as it involves the development/adoption of policies/procedures and plays a key role in the decision-making process. As staff remain compliant under adopted City policies, this helps support risk-management practices, which the City of Shafter will ultimately benefit from.

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  1. Johnny Rubio

    IT Manager

    Chris Schultz

    Assistant IT Manager

    336 Pacific Ave

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    Ph: 661-746-5000

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    Monday - Friday 

    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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