Sewage Collection
The city water sewage collection system consists of numerous gravity lines and lift stations. All city sewage is collected into sewage mains and delivered to the North of the River (NOR) Sanitary District facility located on Seventh Standard Road, southwest of the City of Shafter.

Wastewater Operation Division
The Wastewater Operation Division provides the following:
  • Domestic and commercial sewage collection, transportation, and treatment for the Shafter community
  • Maintenance of all sewage collection and transportation infrastructure
  • Monitoring and implementation of wastewater related laws
Wastewater Treatment
The city entered into a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) with North of the River (NOR) Sanitary District for the construction and operation of a regional wastewater treatment plant. The plant serves the City of Shafter, county areas around Shafter, and the NOR district area.