Shafter Parks and Facilities

The City of Shafter has seven parks totaling over 30 acres for our local residents to enjoy. For more information on reserving a portion of a park for special occasions (birthdays, family reunions, etc.), please contact City Services at 661-746-5002 or by email at Applications received by email will be deemed incomplete until all applicable fees are paid. Payments can be made in person at the City Services lobby Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. Forms of payment include: cash, check, money order and credit card(Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Over the phone payments are not accepted at this time.

The City of Shafter also has the Veterans Building Facility available for commercial and/or private events. For information on reserving the Veterans Building, please contact City Services at 661-746-5002. View the Veterans Building Facility Page for more information.

Special Event Permit Application

Park Reservation Fees 

Application for Park Use Permit 

 Effective April 3, 2019
 $30         Rental Fee 2 Hour Minimum $60         Rental Fee 2 Hour Minimum
 $40         Rental Fee 3 Hours $80         Rental Fee 3 Hours
 $50         Rental Fee 4 Hour Maximum $100       Rental Fee 4 Hour Maximum
 $25         Water Key Deposit $25         Water Key Deposit
 $20         Rental Fee 2 Hour Minimum $40         Rental Fee 2 Hour Minimum
 $25         Rental Fee 3 Hours $50         Rental Fee 3 Hours
 $30         Rental Fee 4 Hour Maximum $60         Rental Fee 4 Hour Maximum
 $20         Rental Fee 4 Hour Minimum $40         Rental Fee 4 Hour Minimum
 $5           Rental Fee Per Hour $10         Rental Fee Per Hour
 $40         Rental Fee 8 Hour Maximum $80         Rental Fee 8 Hour Maximum
 $10         Lighting Fee Per Hour $20         Lighting Fee Per Hour

Guidelines and Information

  • Applicant must be 18+ years old.
  • Reservations are accepted no later than 12 p.m. on the Friday before a weekend event. Apply early.
  • Reservation fees are collected when the application is received by the clerk. Payment methods currently accepted are check, cash or credit card. Online payments or over the phone payments are not accepted at this time.
  • Payment of any portion of the park fees paid is non-refundable. No Exceptions.
  • Keep reservation permit/receipt with you at all times during your event. If your reserved area is occupied, you may call the Shafter Police Department non-emergency line at 661-746-8500 for assistance.
  • The use of amplified sound is only permissible by special permit which generally requires city council approval. Apply at least three weeks in advance of your event. Download the Application for Special Events Permit.
  • Bounce houses require a Park Use Permit. You must use a bounce house that has a certificate of liability and business license filed with the city. The insurance certificate must be accompanied with an additional endorsement and  read as follows: "the City of Shafter, its Officers, Employees, City Council members, Agents, Boards, and Commissions". 
  • Changes to an existing park reservation must be made in person and subject to availability. By bringing your original reservation application and receipt.
  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Keep in mind all reserve-able park areas are open to the public; therefore, cleanliness cannot be guaranteed even if you make a reservation.

Mannel Park (600 Calloway Street)

Mannel Park is located on Mannel Avenue between Lerdo Highway and Tulare Avenue. One of the County of Kern's oldest recreational parks, Mannel Park features tall shade trees, several picnic areas, children's playground, a gazebo for special events, decorative site lighting, exercise equipment and lots of open green areas. Mannel Park is an ideal spot for family gatherings or special events. View the Mannel Park Reservation Map.

Kirschenmann Park (400 E. Euclid Avenue)

Kirschenmann Park is located north of Euclid Avenue just west of Central Valley Highway (State Highway 43). Kirschenmann Park features a large baseball field complete with sports lighting for night events, an announcer's box, and snack bar areas. There are plenty of green areas and shade trees along the left and right foul ball lines.

Stringham Park (631 James Street)

Stringham Park is located at James Street and Lerdo Highway. Stringham Park features open grass and benches set out throughout the park.

Rodriguez Park (215 Rodriguez Avenue)

Rodriguez Park is located on the north side of Los Angeles Avenue approximately one-quarter mile west of Shafter Avenue. Rodriguez Park features a newly constructed playground area, restroom facilities, lighted basketball courts, picnic areas, a large fenced area for soccer, and decorative site lighting.

Town Square (320 Central Avenue)

The Town Square is located at Central Avenue and James Street. The Town Square features shade trees, water fountain, a stage for special events such as concerts and weddings, decorative site lighting, and lots of open green areas. 

Veterans Park (701 S. Schnaidt Street)

Veterans Park is located at the intersection of Schnaidt Street and Los Angeles Avenue. This newly constructed park offers open grass, restroom facilities, and two covered picnic areas. Veterans Park also offers a Splash Pad that is open to the public and is operational weekends only beginning Memorial Day until Labor Day from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. Hours of operation may vary during extreme heat. View the Veterans Park Reservation Map.

Flight Park (9400 Club Oak Way)

Flight Park is located in the Gossamer Grove Community. The park features a covered picnic area, basketball court, exercise equipment and open grass area with beautiful landscape design. Please plan your events accordingly as restrooms are not available at Flight Park.