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New State laws created by Senate Bill (SB) 1383 require significant changes to solid waste collections in the City.  The most significant change is the collection of three separate waste carts for organics, mixed recycling, and trash for all residents.  The most cost-effective strategy for meeting SB 1383 compliance was contracting with private waste haulers.  The City is working to complete a Corrective Action Plan to ensure that all new requirements, including reporting and enforcement, are met.

Shafter Core Residents:

American Refuse is the service provider in the Core City, but residents will continue to pay for service through a monthly bill that includes water and wastewater charges.  Please call the City Finance Department with billing questions and issues at 661-746-5001. 

Please visit the following site for more information:

American Refuse FAQ Page

Gossamer Grove Residents:

Varner Bros., Inc is the service provider and billing is collected through property tax assessments.  

Please visit their website linked below or call 661-399-2944.

Varner Bros., Inc